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...the most creative ride of your life!


Strap on your seatbelt because we're going to be experimenting our asses off!

This course was created because the community asked. I heard the call and threw everything at it!

If you can shoot in manual mode and want to move forward with your photography but don't know how, this is your calling.

I've shown you my way. Now it's your turn to show me yours!


If you've mastered manual mode but want to step it up a notch, you've come to the right place. I'm Laura, a professional photographer who uses the camera for much more than its technical knowhow - I use it as a tool to bring my vision to life with light, lines and moments. In this course, we'll be exploring the best part of photography which is your creative vision.

Technically perfect images can be boring - there I said it! I want your imagery to wake people up by focusing less on equipment, and more on what you see.

During our time together, a series of mini lessons will be delivered to you with a strong bias towards learning through action. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, now let's take a thousand pictures (and way more!)

More about me


"I can see a huge difference when I look at what I take now compared to what I was taking before the courses. I'm lucky to live by the sea and there were so many times I tried to capture a sunrise in auto and had nothing to show for it. Now I'm not held back by the settings anymore, and have the skills to move forward."

Let your vision run wild in the Next Level playground right now...

Shout BINGO and SIGN UP!

"When photography gets so technical as to intimidate people, the element of simple enjoyment is bound to suffer."

— Hunter S. Thompson


Next Level is a safe, crazy space that will let you flourish and express yourself through imagery. Technical intimidation can do one, because when you let it go, not only does it feel amazing, your art and vision make themselves known. As Chase Jarvis said, we'll allow ourselves the freedom to step away from perfection because it's only then that you can find success.

Ultimately, you'll replace the question "how should I photograph this?" with "how do I want to photograph this?" Rulebook be dammed! 

You'll receive advanced lessons that will stretch your limits, you'll get comfortable with the full range of your camera's controls, and you'll begin to relish creative risks. What others think will be pushed aside and taking pictures simply for the joy will take precedence. We'll put light on a pedestal, play in B&W and colour, and work on your body of work.  In every module, you'll decide on the direction you want to take from a choice of lessons, and be encouraged and nurtured to shoot image after image.

Next Level is a joyful realm to explore your artistry and share your vision with all of us.


"I now feel really confident with regards to personal projects, whereas before I was just guessing at my settings. I've learned more techniques to offer my product photography clients as that work could often feel quite dull before the courses."

How it's going to work... 


  • Six modules of learning and community, working towards your vision..

  • The first four modules provide lessons and associated projects for you to work on in your own time.

  • The last two modules are project-led, focusing on what you to want to create - a passion project perhaps or some portfolio work. You'll be given projects to get your teeth into if you'd like a nudge.

  • Extra content will be delivered via pre-recorded videos to enhance each week's theme.

  • Forever access to the Next Level community hub, where you'll share work and receive feedback.

  • This course will be a source of constant study and improvement for years to come.

Take me to the Next Level!

What will Next Level do for you?

1 Say hi to your vision...


When you begin injecting yourself into your imagery, that's when the special stuff starts to happen. Slowly but surely, you'll start taking creative control and relish the risks that accelerate that process. You'll play with the basic principles until they become intuitive, adding layers as you work through the content.

2 ...and learn how to use it


You'll rely on new skills that technical can't teach. Your photographer vision will be called on again and again. Knowing something and practicing are two very different things, so you'll be working on the latter towards creative euphoria!

Sign off in a new direction...


...with way more confidence. Whether you want to cultivate the mundane, photograph your loved ones or progress to side hustler status, this course allows you to do all of that. You will end this course with more passion, belief and a new direction to follow. One that will feed into all the other areas of your life.

"I didn’t expect the level of warmth, encouragement and engagement from Laura. It felt so personal and intimate for an online course, which was pretty special."


Hannah Straughan

Your roadmap to finding your creative style looks like this...

Module One

The Technical

  • The histogram

  • Deeper depth of field

  • Capturing movement

  • Panning / Back button focus

  • Intentional camera movement

  • Isolating subjects

  • Perspective

Module Two


  • Manual focus

  • Freelensing baby

  • Double exposure

  • Shoot through tights

  • 'Out of frame' composition

  • The power of crop

  • Through a window

Module Three

B&W Week

  • B&W - The tonal range

  • Texture, Lines, Shapes

  • Abstract photography

  • Longer exposure

  • Look for patterns

  • The eyes

  • Confuse the viewer

Module Four

Colour Week

  • The colour theory

  • Evoke emotion

  • Go abstract

  • Colour match

  • Split toning

  • Go punchy or go home!

  • White balance

Module Five

Your road to creativity

  • Project week i 




Module Six

You've come full circle

  • Project week ii 





What do our graduates think?

Faye Hatton

"I would recommend this course to beginners and pros alike. It's made me realise how much I miss learning. The community is a fantastic element, having worked solo for over 12 years, it was lovely to meet other photographers who were willing to share their work."

Lindsay Salmon

"Next Level reframed my photography -- completely blew open the window on my creativity and let the sunshine in!"

Leanne Hanna

"This course encourages you to do things you've not done before, and the encouragement from both Laura and the others is amazing. I've done other courses before and never found this sense of community."

Join the the most creative club in town for only...


Start straight away!

  • Learn through experimentation
  • Evolve by putting yourself and your knowledge into your imagery
  • Stretch your technical ability with creative techniques
  • A stepping stone towards professional photography
  • Work towards developing your own personal style