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...because this is the biggest photography party in town!

This six-week belter of a course is our bestseller and the results speak for themselves.

We have over 850+ graduates who can now slay manual mode, many of which now own flourishing photography businesses.

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Why bet on me and Lens 11?


Because I was the wobbly, original Legs 11 who lacked purpose and drive, hence the bingo-inspired platform name! As you can see, I once dressed up as a bingo ball and after paper mache-ing a balloon for days, I remember feeling like I was living my best life against the backdrop of tropical Queensland. How wrong was I? Life can always get better!

Luckily, my husband introduced me to photography and I'll be honest, it took a while to gather pace, but once I understood what this skill gave me, there was no going back.

I've now been an official 'photographer' for over five years now, spending years perfecting my craft before creating a successful business. It wasn't that long ago that I knew the challenges that manual mode faced, and it took me an age to crack it. I soaked up tips, made all the mistakes and practiced on my kids until I was happy to eventually take paid jobs. It's been a real labour of love, one that has taught me everything about myself, and how to shoot from the heart.

In this course, I'll teach you not only photography, but how to believe in yourself, how to get a grasp on settings, and how to create imagery that reflects your imagination.

I'll instil my confidence in you, until yours shows up, (and it will).

It's so nice to meet you, now let's crack on!


"Since SWYA ended, I see the world in a new light I'm rarely without my camera and can't stop practicing. It's changed my life."

How it's going to work...


  • Six weeks of learning on a community-led platform.

  • Six weeks membership to The Full Club House.

  • For the first four weeks, you'll receive a weekly workbook and project, with a video of me demonstrating the project.

  • The last two weeks will be project-led stretching your knowledge and creativity further.

  • Our weekly Zooms are held every Thursday at 8pm with additional content, problem solving and the odd gin!

  • Constant guidance, support and encouragement from me.

  • As well as beautiful imagery, you'll find happiness and gratitude along the way.



"Laura's courses have taught me more than I ever could've imagined. The community that comes with the courses is incredible. They've changed my life."


What you'll learn...

1 - Master manual mode

...and give yourself the pictures you deserve. Manual mode has been held in such high regard that its become notorious, but I'm here to tell you, we can master this together by breaking down the basics into manageable chunks. It takes practice to conquer manual, but put the work in and your pictures will become admired from both near and far!

2 - Learn how to take pictures with your eyes

How you see light and compose a picture can be done with your eyes. You just need a camera to capture what you already see. You'll leave this course, not only with camera skills but with 'photographer vision' which is far superior.

3 - Find happiness & community

I want to show you what photography can give you, not just in pictures but all around you. Once you starting seeing light, you'll take so much pleasure from life.You'll be surrounded by a like-minded community who rev you up to share, and support you when the going gets tough. The personal highs are huge, and yours for the taking!

What we'll cover each week:

Week One

The Technical

  • The big WHY (why you want to take pictures).
  • The beauty of light and its different forms.
  • The infamous 'tricky b*stard settings.'
  • When to underexpose?
  • Focus, metering & reframing

Week One Zoom will cover equipment, lens and exposure in more detail.

Week Two


  • Compositions - See the world through photographer vision
  • The importance of shot type
  • Using aperture to control light & depth
  • Low light shooting
  • Effects of shutter speed and blur

Week Two Zoom will cover the power of visualisation and some showstopping compositions.

Week Three

Portrait Week

  • It's portrait week including self-portraits if you wish.
  • Storytelling
  • Family Photography
  • Brand Photography

Week Three Zoom will feature creativity, inspiration and why colour matters more than you think. 

Week Four

Editing Week

  • How to store your photos and back up.
  • The basics of editing
  • Rembrandt lighting
  • Your style
  • How photography can make you happy

Week Four Zoom will cover the Lightroom CC interface and all my tips.

Week Five

Project Week i

  • Project-led week to practice your new skills.

Week Five Zoom will cover Lightroom Classic editing.



Week Six

Project Week ii

  • Project-led final week.

Week Six Zoom will host your awards to see how far you've come.




What do our graduates think?

Lyndsey Davidson

"Having been on maternity leave for the last 10 months and desperate to get back to work but unable, I was so needing something that would spark my creativity. This course was exactly what I needed. I have loved the community feel, watching everyone grow and share the same insecurities, excitement, and the confidence has been so infectious!"

Becky Rose

"I would recommend this course to anyone. Lovely vibe, really welcoming and encouraging whilst giving useful constructive feedback to help improve. The information was SO detailed but set out in a beautiful and easy to digest way."

Amy Sykes

"I’ve been on other photography courses and still never quite ‘got it’ until this one. SWYA actually made it sink in. The way Laura teaches you, you don’t really notice it's ‘going in…’ you just have a moment when you just get it. All the friendly constructive feedback builds your confidence as you progress too."

"The best thing I've ever done!"

Susie McGinley-Collins

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Introducing membership to The Full House Club from the moment you sign up until the course ends. 

On top of that, you'll receive two LIVE workshops on the Lightroom platforms, discovering the beauty of editing. I'll run you through how to make basic edits and share with you my go-to presets. You can elevate an ordinary picture into the extraordinary one with the help of Lightroom.

Bring on 8th April 2024!


Early bird £349 being released to waitlist on 28th February!

  • You'll learn manual mode in a supportive community that champions you.
  • You'll finally take pictures you've long imagined and frame them!
  • You'll learn how to edit in Lightroom and edit with style and conviction.
  • You'll be happier and live in the present.
  • You'll appreciate your life.
  • Your confidence will soar.
  • It might be the best thing you'll ever do!
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FAQs for the beginners course...

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