Introducing Becky Wood, our new course creator for The Edit Clinic!

Tell us how your course came to be lovely...

We were all having momentous fun at Lensfest experimenting, taking creative pics and it wasn’t until I sat down with my laptop to edit and people asked if they could watch me, that I realised I was the gal for The Edit Clinic!

Fast forward a few months and some Full House members had been asking for editing help. I gathered up all my Adobe knowledge and jumped in, creating a course that didn’t bore you to tears, or was too technical (no YouTube men here thanks). It’s packed full of real life examples, my unfiltered chat and handy workbooks, video tutorials and Q&As!

Are you stuck in 'edit overwhelm,' unsure of what looks good?

You're stuck between a rock and hard place, forever going back to and fro from one edit to the other. Perhaps you've never got your head around Lightroom Classic and need a little help. If you're juggling lots of editing ideas and feeling overwhelmed by the endless possibilities, The Edit Clinic is perfect for you. Maybe, you've experimented with various tutorials and online resources, hoping to find the magic formula for your editing style, but nothing seems to click.

Your gateway to editing karma is The Edit Clinic! Within this four week course, you'll be given expert guidance and personalised support to help you find your editing groove. Editing, much like photography, is another skill to be learnt and practiced, so seize this opportunity, turn your camera into a chicken, and watch as your editing skills soar to new heights. It's time to share your work with pride, work towards a unique style and raise your editing game to match your photography!

Images by Amy @fieldsphotographystories

Ready, Set, EDIT here!

How it's going to work...

Once you've signed up, you'll receive the live online call schedule (they’ll be one call per week to help iron out those tricky technical bits) plus four content drop emails. In the last week, you'll also receive a voting form for the Edit Clinic Awards where we'll celebrate your chosen favourites and you can celebrate how far you and your classmates have come!

Each module will cover a different level of editing magic from workflows, Lightroom, Photoshop and beyond and you'll have access to the Lens 11 platform to share your assignments and get personalised feedback on your progress. In between, Becky will be available for support, advice and to answer your questions.

1. Direct access to an Adobe master!

You will have direct access to Becky, for personalised support and guidance. Whether you have burning questions, need clarification on a concept, or simply want to share your progress, every interaction is an opportunity to tap into her expertise and passion.

2. Lean into your individuality and unique vision

While other programs may offer standard solutions, The Edit Clinic embraces your unique photographer vision. Becky will comprehensively share workflows and techniques, but there's nothing paint by numbers about it. We want you to feel inspired, to inject your unique style and personality into your editing process. We want you to graduate with a stronger, more consistent editing style that identifies you as its maker immediately!

3. Unleash creative possibilities

As well as learning everything there is to know about Lightroom Classic, you'll be exposed to different editing styles and influences. You'll learn what you turns you on in the editing world, and as incredible bonuses, Becky is teaching a Photoshop module so you can make magic happen!



Understanding the basics 

In this first week we'll cover:

  • Kit & Process
  • Workflows
  • Basic Lightroom tools and optimisation
  • Live co-working session to edit RAWs together


Advanced Lightroom skills

  • Photo CPR
  • Cropping is an artform
  • Removal magic
  • Colour & B&W
  • Live co-working to review and discuss new techniques


Creative possibilities

  • Photoshop skills
  • Swapping faces
  • Retouching
  • How to make your pictures move! 
  • Live co-working to create magic together



We're off to the movies! 

In the last week we'll cover:

  • Different styles of photography
  • Getting weird and having fun!
  • Colour grading
  • Live co-working to discuss colour grading in detail

Chantel Jones


"I loved The Edit Clinic! It provided me with a really good understanding of the fundamentals and a starting point for every photo!"

Janet Wood


"I enjoyed the whole session and working through the photo with Becky was great to come up with a usable workflow to organise the photos and then an order to carry out each step. The gradient mask was a revelation! Knowing how to use that is a game changer!"

Celine McK


"I picked up some great new tips and tricks during this Becky's London workshop that I continue to use to make my editing time so much quicker and easier. With Becky's design background and infectious energy, she truly is a fountain of knowledge and a delight to learn from!"



EARLY BIRD OFFER for 72 hours! Usual price £299! Instalment option available!

  • Become a confident editor on Lightroom Classic, with Photoshop tips on top!
  • Learn how to share your new edits with pride and become recognisable for an emerging style.
  • Complete projects designed to stretch your learning and make your image stronger.
  •  Receive detailed guidance and feedback from an edit pro over this four week course.
  • Learn how to edit with decisiveness, as you build the essential skills to thrive as a photographer.
  • Starts Monday 4th March