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What to look for when buying a camera & recommendations!

Get expert guidance on buying a camera and discover top recommendations from our students so your purchase goes the distance.

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10 Tips to Optimise Lightroom Classic

Whether you're a seasoned user or a beginner, these tips will help you maximise your productivity and take your editing skills to the next level. 

Make your Lightroom faster!

Your Ultimate Marketing Handbook

It's time to hone in on what makes you special and apply that to your marketing strategy. Here's the only guide you'll need and 50 ways to market your biz.

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Laura Sutcliffe

"Laura is an incredible teacher and the comprehensive content is amazing value, but she doesn’t just help you elevate your photography, she helps you grow as a person, giving you the confidence to really fly."

Hannah Straughan

"A genius course in creative photography techniques and developing your own personal style. A must-do for photographers either starting out in the professional field, or hoping to make the leap."

Beverley Kerr

“Laura is a great teacher with such an infectious energy. You encourage us all and put your heart and soul into the feedback. You can tell you’re really rooting for everyone, creating a magical supportive environment that’s a joy to be part of.”

There's no need to wing flash anymore! Our brand new course 'Flash ya Flash'

goes live on 9th October!

Flash ya Flash - 5 week course £229

Calling all women photographers who want to master artificial light. If you've got manual mode down but flash is still the pink elephant in your skill base, worry no more! Flash ya Flash is here to build your skill and confidence in a course that mirrors Start Where You Are in its format. Brand new content and projects will be delivered from course instructor FKB, along with detailed feedback to make you fly!

Learn more about Flash ya Flash here!

The eCourses

Start Where You Are

Beginners Photography

eCourse - 1st January 2024


This course is the renowned bestseller! It gives miraculous results if you throw everything at it. It can literally change lives and all this happens in just six weeks. Transform your photography by understanding your camera and shooting in manual mode. You'll soon start taking pictures you've long imagined.

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Next Level

Photography eCourse - Start today!


This course is for all manual shooters who'd like a rocket up their creative bottom! Throughout the six modules, we throw out intimidation and get to work with new techniques that will transform your portfolio, and deepen your passion for photography. You'll experiment your booty off before coming back to beginning with new skills and confidence. You might just end up a new style too!

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"Start TODAY" eCourse

Launch your creative business and thrive

Want to launch a creative business but don't know where to start? This is my step-by-step guide on how to follow your passion, create a business and make money. If you want my secrets, they're all in here!

Forever access now!

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Press Record: A filmmaking course for beginners - by Leanne Hanna / 6th November 

This BRAND NEW film course for beginners will be right up your street if you can already shoot in manual mode. If you've got photography skills down and want to capture more of your life or bring your clients something more, this is the place to be.

On 1st May, Leanne Hanna is teaching you everything she knows, so you'll leave with a film under your belt and a wealth of knowledge to live your best 'moving' life!

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