Hey up!

I’m Laura.

Why bet on me? 


Because I was the wobbly Legs 11 that lacked purpose and drive, hence the bingo-inspired platform name! As you can see, in 2009, I dressed up as a bingo ball and after paper mache-ing a balloon for days, I remember feeling like I was living my best life against the backdrop of tropical Queensland. How wrong was I? All the good stuff was yet to come...

In 2015, my husband introduced me to photography and I'll be honest, it took a while to gather pace, but once I understood what it could offer me, there was no going back. The sheer joy of slowing down and savouring moments made me appreciate my life. The self-belief that soon showed up transformed my craft, my mental health and enabled me to take bigger strides in life. Once I started teaching photography, it became clear that both craft and confidence are directly linked. You get good at one thing and it filters out to the rest of your life, hence the creation of Lens Eleven. 

This empowering platform was born out of a need to help women learn, thrive and connect. In this space, you'll be supported by the most wonderful community, and challenged to ride larger waves.

There are no limits except the ones we give ourselves. It's time to get out of our own way because there's so much good shit on the other side of fear! 

Meet the amazing women that slick up this mighty bingo machine!

They're all previous clubbers and we'll only ever recruit from within where possible...

Meet Faye // Photographer & Feedback Queen

Faye should've been a bird because she spends more time outside than in! She has over .... years experience as a photographer and knows a genre or 10! She's talented, enthusiastic and the perfect fit for Lens Eleven. She's been in your position having completed the Next Level course and understands the benefit of fair, fun feedback with some points to work towards. She'll be joining us on the new platform for the April & May courses. Give her some love...


Meet Mirlah // Design Powerhouse & Photographer

We still don't know how Mirlah manages to fit so much into her days, hence the powerhouse in her job title! This lady is multi-talented and is always seeking new skills. She's the epitome of Lens Eleven and saw in bingo-inspired vision way before the rest of us! She's responsible for the whole design and we couldn't be happier!

Mirlah has done both the beginners and Next Level courses and wishes she could start over!


Meet FKB // Writer extraordinaire & Photographer

Faye has photography in the blood and started shooting at 8 years old after seeing her dad take photos. She'd never dare be seen without her beloved camera and started her tog biz in 2011. She loves how photography freezes a moment in time and can say what words (or people) often can’t.

FKB is a creative genius and counts writing amongst her many talents. She loves dogs, Yorkshire and is a passionate Bradfordian, who's partial to a pint of Guinness!


Meet Java // Resident Soul Sister, Artist & Community Feaster

Java has been a treasured collaborator and friend for some time, and will be catering/styling our Welsh retreat with her husband Jon. She's built a truly unique business from the bottom up, whilst raising two marvellous boys. She understands the detailed work that goes into building a brand and sinks every part of her soul into her work. Her creativity knows no bounds, nor does her warmth or ability to host incredible feasts in her kitchen!


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