Introducing FKB, our course instructor for Flash Ya Flash!

Tell us how your course came about lovely...

Having taught the flash workshop at Lens Fest last year - alongside Faye Hatton - I was amazed at how quickly the gang picked up and ran with the techniques we taught, and what fabulous results they captured off the bat. To teach the basics and see how it brought people along felt really special.

From listening to the feedback amongst the Lens 11 community it was obvious that there was a gap in flash learning that needed to be filled, and so here it is - Flash Ya Flash!

Following our first outing in autumn 2023, I've made a few changes this time round, most notably taking out the live element and bringing in more tutorials - you can also get your mitts on everything up front, rather than in weekly drops - you asked, we listened! And although the weekly homework model has gone, you can still contribute images to the Flash area of our online community for feedback in your own time.

I can't wait to get stuck into this with you all - there's a lot to learn, so strap yourselves in. By the end of this course you'll understand the kit, the settings, and how to use your flash to get striking results that will elevate your photography skills and have you excited about, rather than wary of, using artificial light.


It's time to to stop fearing flash!

Does understanding flash settings fill you with dread?

I hear you. There are so many things to consider - what does this button do, and why do I need that cable? All will be explained!

Do you only shoot in natural light because you lack the confidence to introduce flash?

We've all been there - I certainly have. But by taking charge of the light you can be confident that you can manage in any situation a shoot throws at you. Every week there will be an assignment to help you practice new techniques and I'll provide feedback on how you can improve until you've grasped it - then the sky is the limit! 

Image from Lens Fest 2023 by Heidi-Lee Gregory

In the meantime, why not download our free guide to learn more about the golden rules of flash!



Download your FREE GUIDE here!

How it's going to work...

Once you've signed up, you'll receive four workbooks covering topics and exercises in flash photography, PLUS a bonus video on the golden rules of flash and flash settings.

Each module will cover a different topic on flash and you'll have a month's access to the Lens 11 platform Full House to share your images and get personalised feedback on your progress (if you want to!) Inbetween I will be available for support, advice and to answer your questions.

Sound good?

1. You'll get to know about flash kit and settings

One of the scariest things when starting to use flash is making sense of the buttons and cables and what does what. We'll go through this in details so that you know how to use your kit well on the go.

2. You'll learn how to balance ambient and artificial light

Many people think flash is only needed when there isnt enough artificial light, but it can actually be used in all scenarios to give you a creative toolkit in your back pocket. Not only will you learn techniques to light scenes which are too dark, but you'll also find out about how to use power and position to bring a new creative style to ambient light photography.

3. You'll become a flash convert, feeling excited about your new skills!

By the end of the course you'll have practiced enough techniques and reviewed your feedback so you can start feeling confident that you can harness the power of artificial light when you need to - and when you want to! It'll be your new favourite thing - no more fear of flash!

"I had watched countless flash photography videos, but only at Lens Fest 2023 did it finally make sense! The workshop taught by FKB and Faye Hatton opened my eyes to how much potential lies outside natural light. The tricks I learnt will forever be kept in my creative  arsenal! Absolute game changer!"


Understanding the basics 

  • Kit & Settings
  • On-camera flash techniques
  • Flash scenarios


Off-camera flash

  • Off-camera flash
  • How and where to position flash to get the best results
  • Balancing flash with ambient light
  • Classic lighting techniques


Getting creative!

  • Using modifiers to shape light
  • Using gels to bring colour and atmosphere into your shots 



Shutter Drag

  • The possibilities of using flash with existing artificial light
  • Learn how to drag the shutter to create super creative light trails


Becky Wood


""The wonderful Faye's are wizards. I walked into their flash workshop knowing if I chucked flash on top of my camera, I sometimes got a half decent shot. I left obsessed with bungee cords, off camera flash and a whole bucket of confidence in how to deal with those tricky light situations. Invaluable!"

Julia Pouly


"It truly opened my eyes to the incredible potential of photography through mastery of a fundamental aspect: lighting! I'm thrilled by the limitless opportunities that now lie before me – from strikingly lit portraits to daytime flash shots worthy of a fashion magazine. The unveiling of my new soft box has instantly granted me professional recognition now!"

Leanne Hanna 


"I entered the course with minimal flash exposure but left with newfound confidence and flash expertise. FKB is a flash powerhouse, simplifying complex information into simples chunks, so you can go out there and start being creative with your flash immediately!"

Early bird rate until Friday 1st March!


Starts 11th March / Instalment option available / Usual price £249

  • Become a wizard with artificial light with workbooks and tutorials delivered to you as a bundle 
  • Show off your new flash skills within your photography
  • Complete projects designed to stretch your knowledge and compliment your existing skills
  • Get access to the Flash Circle in Full House for 4 weeks - membership is included in the course fee.
  • Post your images in your own time and get feedback from FKB.
  • There's no need to wing it anymore because Flash Ya Flash is here!
  • Starts Monday 11th March 2024!
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