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Full House is Here

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Full House is Here. 

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The Full House Club membership doors are now open!

There's finally a space to connect, inspire and share wisdom.


 As we work through personal challenges, speed-bumps and shared celebration, you will become both the star player and a cheerleader. Join this beautiful space where community will make you do incredible things. It's time to hit your home run....


Get started today for just £9.99 a month!

Access to VIP Members Hub for networking, confidence & growth


Exclusive member space to ask advice, share latest work and communicate opportunities.

Regular photography & business challenges to get stuck into

Exclusive access to Feature Fortnight and unlimited submissions.

Monthly newsletter with recommended reading, useful links and what's going on in Clubber World!

Access to past workshops and new ones offered on a pay per download basis.


Sound Good?

Why is Full House so special?


Having taught the photography courses for over a year now, it became evident early on that there needed to be something else for those that graduated. Why build up all those special bonds and pass milestones quicker than ever for that to lapse in just six a membership was born!

The Full House Club wants you to show up exactly as you are, with enthusiasm, positivity and bravery and we'll give you the same back.  

Join Us Here

Ask yourself... 

Do you want to participate in regular challenges that hone your craft and improve your hustle?


There will be fortnightly photo prompts with a chance of your work being featured on the Lens Eleven homepage. If you're growing a creative business, there will also be biz prompts to keep on top of your venture.

Ready to hustle!

Have you done work you're proud of? Why not shout it from the rooftops...YOU CAN HERE!


At Lens Eleven, blowing your own trumpets and proudly shouting out your bingo numbers with glee is what we're here for. Share with us your recent work or personal stories in imagery, and we'll get as excited about it as you!

Toot my horn!

Do you want to move mountains because your community insists on it?


With the right tribe, anything is possible and at Lens Eleven, we are supportive, positive with no ego. If the need to be perfect is holding you back or you think others are doing better job than you, there is a personalised space for you at Lens Eleven to come exactly as you are, and share whatever fires you up. There is no hierarchy or intimidation - there is joy in creation and someone placing their confidence in you can move mountains!

100% yes please!


Then come and dive in!

Be a part of the BEST girl gang ever!

This community is something else and we want amazing things for ourselves, but we want it for others too. There's no shame in ambition and guess what, there's more than enough room for every single one of us. Life is abundant so pass it on, take space up and go after what you really want! The spice girls were on to something...

Count me in!

You'll even get 7 days for FREE!

For a limited time, you'll receive a free week of interaction, advice and challenges to keep you filled up! 


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Monthly fee


Top features

  • VIP space to flourish, ask for advice and connect.
  • Regular prompts to keep you active and moving forward.
  • Exclusive access to feature fortnight.
  • Monthly newsletter with reading recommendations and clubber world updates.
  • Access to past workshops and new ones offered on a pay per basis.

Annual fee


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  • Exactly the same deal as the monthly but you'll save £20 over the year.