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Thanks for stopping by. We've put these resources together to help you quickly grab what you need in terms of company information and imagery. For bespoke media requests or Podcast enquiries please contact Laura or Faye at [email protected]

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Welcome to the Lens ElevenĀ Press Kit! Here you'll find all the essential information and resources about our gang.

Whether you're a journalist, blogger, or industry professional, we'reĀ excited to share our story. If you have any additional inquiries or require further assistance,Ā contact us directly - we're always happy to help.

About Laura 


For most of my life, I played by the rules. I got jobs that paid the bills, but I felt zero purpose and no sense of direction. I was gliding from one weekend to the next with no intention of changing anything - until one day, I was totally done! I was so unhappy. I’d had enough of drifting, and working within structures that didn’t aid my progress or confidence. I was burnt out, so I decided to become a mother and stay at home until I’d figured it out. When my oldest was born (he’s 7 now), I picked up a camera.

I didn’t have a clue how to work it but every day I learned something new, and it slowly brought me back to life. The last seven years have been the best kind of blur. I see everything through new eyes, and I get to call the shots - literally! Having got my craft down and establishing myself as a professional photographer, the urge to help other women who might be in a similar position kept returning. I knew that it wasn’t about fancy kit or professional training – just a passion for capturing moments and wanting to learn and grow.

I wanted others to carve their own paths, build self-belief, find true connections with a likeminded community and say yes to all the exciting opportunities in front of them. A camera provided the signposts I’d needed all of my life - and now I get to give back to the best community of creatives within Lens Eleven. Nearly a thousand women have done my online courses and the results speak for themselves.

I’ve lost count of how many graduates have said…“YOUR COURSE CHANGED MY LIFE!” Helping others to find that same level of happiness and confidence is how Lens Eleven was born. It continues to drive me, and I’m constantly excited about its success and future potential.

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