Lucy Henzell

"Honestly, this is the best thing I have ever done! It is more than a photography course, in my case it's been life changing. When the courses ended, I threw myself into gaining experience, even second shooting with some amazing wedding photographers. I shot my first solo wedding in August 2021 and I'm rolling into 2022 with 14 weddings booked and a thriving photography business. Pinch me please!"

Beth Waterhouse

"I'd recommend these courses to anyone for the brilliant content, the inspiration and passion poured into every element. For the way my photography has improved and for how my confidence has grown in my photography and in myself. And for the creative community of people who swoon over looking at interesting abstract compositions and get excited by colour combinations."

Sarah Ferguson

- Next Level

"No matter what stage you’re at, I think everyone would get something from this course! Stuck in a rut? Needing fresh inspiration? Total novice? Laura has a gift for connection, she’ll find what it is you need and really hone in on maximising your potential!"

Penny Brazier

"I had never picked up a DSLR before this course and now I am utterly HOOKED. Being able to lose yourself in creating imagery is such a gift, and one I thought was reserved for a talented few. But with the right teacher, magic really is possible. I can't thank you enough."

Kelly Miles

"I’m now letting go slowly of perfectionism, learning to try new things and some of my results have been so surprising in a wonderful way. So much of it is about backing yourself and being willing to learn, and I definitely feel I've found that in myself."

Jane Nicholson

"I never expected that a photography course would help me learn more about myself, to the point where I'd consider doing photography as a side hustle. It has given me confidence to share my images and interact with others. It's helped me realise just how much I didn't know about photography! I used to think I could take a half decent photo in auto, but now I look back at those photos and can see how much I've grown as a photographer in these last few months."

Ellie Burfitt

Next Level

"Laura, you are an amazing educator, full of passion. You know the perfect way to articulate feedback and get everyone excited as well as having a wealth of knowledge. Despite having shot in manual for 5+ years, I discovered new techniques that I had never tried. I've thought about my images and vision in a very different way and loved my daily dose of inspiration from the other clubbers! 

The courses gave me the confidence to pursue other avenues of photography that are outside of what I do normally. Due to Next Level, I’m pursuing family photography as a side hustle and have found I’m putting myself forward for more photography assignments in my day job."

Catriona Libby

"I feel like I signed up to attempt to master manual mode but it has opened up a new world to me. I knew I liked taking photos before but now I REALLY like taking photos, it’s become a real passion for me and for that I am so thankful to Laura for helping me with this."

Kim Watkins

"It’s a thrilling journey that will leave you feeling like you’ve climbed a mountain and come out the other side with your mind opened up to so many different possibilities!"

Susie McGinley Collins

"I have utterly loved this course! It really is the best thing I've ever done, and I'm already feeling bereft about it ending. The next set of clubbers are truly lucky people."

Lyndsey Davidson

"I'll be recommending to everyone! I had no idea (or much hope) that I would be able to pick up a camera and in such a short space of time and know what settings to use for specific light/environments. But here I am! Everything has been broken down so well and somehow makes it all click! It all seemed so alien to me before."

Lauren Drage

"It's hard to put into words how much confidence these last six weeks have given me. I knew the settings before I started the course, but deep down I always had self-doubt that I could never been a proper photographer. You've helped us all feel like it is possible."

Rebecca @wildflowerillustrationco

"I've loved every minute of the course and finding another visual way to express myself has been amazing. I'm so
 thrilled that I now feel capable of doing our own business photography. I've told my husband that in actual fact you've saved me money, despite the lens!'

Ingrid Laurenson 

"What a delight these last six weeks have been! Your generous sharing of knowledge with such grace and humour has filled my heart and encouraged me to chase my dreams. What a truly inspiring soul you are.I'm forever grateful for the community you have created amongst this lovely group."

Katie Pryde

"I can't believe how things are coming together since doing your courses and your New Year workshop. I'm making opportunities instead of waiting for them. Honestly can't believe it - what a difference a bit of confidence and self belief makes."

Amy Sykes

"I’d always tried to master manual mode but it never ‘sunk in’, so I got comfortable in the auto setting. Joining this course has made manual achievable and I’m loving the extra creativity it gives me, making me feel so inspired to take pictures everyday!"

Becky Wood

"Thank you Laura for being so inspirational, and for encouraging my crazy creativity to come out to play. I’ve photographed animals, people and products whilst on this course and grow in confidence every day."

Angela Lopez

"Next Level is a course that will fuel your creativity and pump up your motivation to get out there and practice your photography skills. The course offers the theoretical knowledge, many opportunities to put that knowledge into practice, the support and feedback of Laura, who is the best teacher in the world, as well as the other students. Being part of the community and sharing our work and ideas has been truly inspiring. I couldn't recommend this course enough."

Hannah Callaway

"Laura's passion and energy for photography is infectious, she breaks very tricky concepts down into bite size, manageable chunks that are built upon week by week. In addition to this manageable pace of learning Laura has built an inspiring community where you can post your pictures for everyone to see, even when you're nervous to."

Danielle Hickey

"Confidence has always been a bit of an issue for me, but doing this course has given me the opportunity to work on this. My work might not be perfect, but I’m getting better at embracing the imperfections and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Also, without sounding too cheesy-photography really makes my heart sing. I actually feel quite emotional about it (which is v. unlike me). I feel so inspired and really want to keep it up. So thank you SO MUCH for this Laura, it really does mean a lot."

Kamilla Manta

Next Level

"Your easy-going, super friendly and very supportive approach would help anyone out there who's lacking confidence and feels intimidated. Plus, there is so much eye-opening content in this course that makes us experiment with photography and stretch our creativity and imagination!"

Laura Dugdale

"I'd like to go back and do it all over again! Not only did I learn how to shoot in manual, but I am taking away SO much more than technical understanding when it comes to storytelling, composition, finding inspiration and capturing everyday moments. I look at everything completely differently now and see potential photos everywhere I go. Even watching films is different when it comes to really 'seeing' things."

Daniele Michel

"My mind is blown by what I've learnt. I'm so thankful you pushed me out of my comfort zone. I can't stop trying all the new things you've taught us - it's genius."

Martyna Anna Emilia

"Next Level will change your perception of photography. The techniques and tricks will unlock your creativity allowing you to see the magic in everything around you. I. now understand that pictures make you feel something and they don't always have to be technically perfect to do that."

Emily Burkett

"Having shot in manual for two years previous, Start Where You Are changed the game completely. Laura demystified the settings and explained everything in such an easy way. The course has shaped the photographer I am today. Everyone needs the ray of sunshine that is Laura in their lives!!"

Julia Pouly

"It is so empowering to get the tools handed to you to capture moments how they feel, not just what they looked like. On paper this course is about how to use a camera in manual mode, but actually Laura will completely change the way you see the world and yourself. By the end, you will have a new appreciation for your everyday life along with the ability to capture life the way you always dreamed of."

Jude Ross

"My photography has improved immeasurably over both the courses and I've found the content and pace really accessible but also really inspirational."

Grainne Gray

"I'd 100% recommend this course to a friend. The information in the handout's is fantastic. They are simplified and easy to understand. Loved the cheat sheets and the Zoom classes too."

Jola Picridas

"The course was far better than my original expectations! I knew it would be good and that it would teach me how to use my camera, but I just didn't realise how quickly I'd pick up everything and how much confidence it would give me."

Jane Richardson

"This was more than a photography course for me. I found out a lot about myself. It has helped me to work through my fear of not knowing everything immediately and come to a place where I can accept that I don't have to be the best photographer but that I can just enjoy taking photos. My perfectionism has stopped me from embarking on so many creative projects in the past and this course has taught me to see beauty in the imperfect...and this is helping me to learn to see some beauty in me...for the first time in my life."