PRESS RECORD IS BACK: A story-led introduction to filmmaking by Leanne Hanna!

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We understand that visuals speak louder than words, which is why this course is  tailored to help you master the art of filmmaking.


You'll learn how to create captivating films that engage your audience and leave a lasting impression.

Leanne will take you through the entire process, starting with gear and technique, before coming up with a concept and editing your final masterpiece. You'll learn everything from how to shoot beautiful footage, to selecting the perfect music to accompany your film.

This course has been created for busy lives.

With easy-to-follow video lessons, you can learn emotive filmmaking at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home. 

Becky Wood

"Film has opened up a whole new world for me and Leanne gave me the tools to do it. It's super fun, creative and I loved having a finished product. The Lens11 cheerleading squad kept me going all the way to our movie premiere at the end! I can’t recommend Press Record enough!"

Faye Kenny-Broom

"Press Record is a brilliant way to understand not only the concepts of film making, but how to apply practical techniques to create professional videos. There is a considerable gap between photography and filmmaking, and I went from knowing barely anything, to producing a film I felt proud of."

Rachel Cox

"Thank you for such a brilliant course and getting back to me so quickly with my questions. I’ve found the course extremely well put together and enjoyed the process of learning something new. Lots still to learn and take in but will look forward to continuing to learn the art of video thanks to this course!"

Your roadmap to film-maker looks like this...


Setting Up Your Camera for Filming and Storytelling


Leanne will be covering equipment, editing software, film sharing platforms and music licensing subscriptions, before moving on to camera settings.

You'll learn recording speeds, filmmaking terminology, and the importance of shutter speed, exposure and aperture. You'll cover story in depth and how a variety of shots convey different emotions. You'll end Module One with shot compositions demonstrated on video.



Stabilisation, Filming Techniques and Motion


You'll learn how to stabilise shots using a camera strap, before familiarising yourself with different shot types, and how to capture them. This will be demonstrated on video for you to replicate.


Focus and Lighting 




You'll learn how to focus in filmmaking and how to use different techniques to add something special to your films.


The Edit - Stage One



We'll dive into Adobe Premiere Pro and music. An introductory video will explain how the software works and how to import music to enhance the mood of your film. You'll learn to cull and cut clips, and how to add them to your timeline to match music markers. You'll be shown how to add effects and transitions, and how B-Roll brings your film to life.

At this point, you'll begin editing your film with a 30 second timeframe in mind.


The Edit - Stage Two



In this module, you'll hit colour grading, and how to apply various edits across multiple clips. Leanne will touch on adding a second sound to merge with the existing music.


The Edit - Stage Three



In this final editing module, you'll be able to personalise your films by adding text, logos and subtitles. You'll learn how to add end credits, before finalising your film and reviewing the edit to avoid blank space. Ideal export settings will be explained and Vimeo.


Submit a 30 second, edited film to Leanne

The last week will give you the opportunity to flex your new skills and Zoom Leanne for a final Q&A, while you add the finishing touches to your film!

Whether you're interested in creating films for personal use or for clients, we've got you covered.


Join "Press Record" and start creating films that truly capture the essence of your stories. This entry-level course is the perfect way to learn film, then apply those forever skills to your life or business. Download the FREE KIT LIST below to ensure you've got everything you need!

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Some film projects from the last cohort!

It's amazing what can be achieved in less than two months with Leanne during Press Record.

If you want moving stories of your own, this is the best place to start!


Create your own films with story weaved through them...


Instalment options will be available

  • Learn¬†film skills to pursue your dream projects.
  • Understand the techniques behind emotive films and how you can create them.
  • Dive into the world of Premiere Pro to add magic to your films.
  • You'll leave with a polished 30 second film, that aligns with your initial brief.
  • Video is here to stay so propel yourself into the future with this outstanding course!
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