I get asked so many questions about running a creative business so I designed 'Start Today' to help other women rise...

I've been a creative business owner myself for many years, and I know firsthand how challenging it can be to build a successful business and reach the right people. When I started out, there were so many things I didn't know, so I created 'Start Today' to empower others to create their dream life!

It's time you and your business stepped up to the plate!


Does a self-designed life where you create the rules excite you? 

You might be in the fortunate position of knowing what your passion is and how you'd like to thread it through your products and/or services, but you may not. In this course, we're going to tackle both starting points so that you define a clear path of action.

Does the business side of things overwhelm you and cause cringe?

Being organised from the very beginning is so important, and I'll be walking you through the process from planting the acorns to dancing under that big ass oak! In this course, I'm going to give you my plan for success, which breaks down key business modules, removing triggers that stop you from where you need to go!

More about me

How it's going to work...


Once you've signed up, you'll receive a log-in to access the content on this website. It's presented in practical and actionable modules that are drip-fed as you progress. 

Each module begins with an opening video and includes a workbook and homework file. and ends with a checklist to keep you accountable. You’ll post your completed exercises in the community hub for classmate interaction.

'Realising your power' is an underlying theme throughout as you begin to take your business seriously. I design courses to create real change in lives and this is no different. I want you to walk away with everything you need to create your own creative life. Here are some assurances from me...

1 You'll get real about your business


If you're buying this course, I presume you're serious about making some changes to your life and business. It took me so long to talk about my venture without feeling like a doughnut which held me back. Time was a real issue for me in the beginning so we'll be covering your situation and what's realistic in your timeframe.

You'll learn business as you would a new skill 


Setting up a sustainable business that supports you and perhaps your family is a huge, personal deal. As soon as your structure is in place, alongside clear goals, you'll realise the benefit of aligning your value to these decisions. It may seem complicated from the outside but you'll learn how to simplify this process, to gain more time and £££ back!

3 You'll leave with clarity, motivation and a plan to change your life


Big plans are organised into goals, and deadlines are met. Setting up a business and growing it takes planning and action. At first, this can seem daunting but organisation, and a clear roadmap will keep you on track. Everything you do in your business must align with 'your why', and it's this that will take your business to the next level...


"My old job kind of sucked the creative joy out of me. I had totally lost touch with my own vision and creative joy/direction. Through your courses and engaging with creativity for no other reason than for the enjoyment of it, I've returned back to that initial connection and passion."


Assess your situation with kindness 


This first module will assess your situation with kindness, help you understand your unique value and how a 'business woman' mindset will change everything.

'You have the power' to design and drive your business forward but you need strong foundations to do that. We'll be covering that first.


The 3 P's - Passion, Purpose & Plan


Passion is a pre-requisite for a successful business, that comes with its own compass. It's the starting point for defining what you'll do, why you'll do it before getting your planning head on! 

If you don't know what it is you want to do, we'll cover some techniques for finding your deeper creative purpose too.


Make her official!


Picking a name for your business is the real turning point. What follows is your business structure, financial management, workspace, website and branding. We'll cover turning your vision into a living, breathing reality that translates and speaks to your people.


Systems & Pricing


If you get your business structure right with the most effective systems, you're setting yourself up for success. We'll be covering your financial structure and how getting comfortable with it, creates an abundance mindset.



The joys of marketing


Marketing is using your secret sauce to connect with your target audience on an emotional level. Sales doesn't need to feel icky - it can authentic and full of story. 

In this module, you'll learn how to build an engaged network that trusts you and believes in what you're trying to achieve.

In the meantime, have you downloaded my FREE Marketing Handbook. 





Ideas are the key!


We'll be learning about the importance of ideas and not just thinking outside the box, but existing there! How you solve problems and create new offers will elevate your business.

It isn't just about ideas though, it's about action and bringing concepts to life. We'll be covering all of this and more. 




In bonus MODULE SEVEN, I'll be sharing everything that's worked for me and what hasn't...


There's nothing better than inside knowledge and you'll soon find out my secrets and lessons. 

By the end of Start Today, you'll have a solid understanding of how to turn your creative passion into a thriving business. You'll have a roadmap for success, and you'll be equipped with the strategies to make your biz dream a reality.

Laura Dugdale


"Your course far exceeded my expectations. You are such a good, encouraging and enthusiastic teacher and champion of people and I am so pleased I found you."

Angela Lopez


"I've learnt to believe in myself more and in my vision. I've discovered a passion inside of me that is driving me forward."

Kelly Miles 


"I’m letting go slowly of perfectionism, learning to try new things and some of my results have been so surprising in a wonderful way. So much of it is about backing yourself and being willing to learn and I definitely feel ive found that in myself."

Everything you need to know about launching a creative business for just...


Affordable & life-changing!

  • Use your strengths as catalysts for success.
  • Become fully engaged in your creative dream with a clear plan. 
  • Organise yourself from the very start, by making your business official with watertight processes and relationships. 
  • Develop a strong brand and learn about story-driven marketing to sell.
  • Take charge of your future and lead a life where you skip to work. Your working week should feel like a weekend!