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Start Where You Are - Live 8th April 2023

This six-week belter of a course is our bestseller and the results speak for themselves.

We have over 1200+ graduates who can now slay manual mode, many of which now own flourishing photography businesses.

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Next Level Live - Live November 2024

Buckle up for an exhilarating ride as we dive deep into the world of experimental photography!

If you can shoot in manual mode and yearn to elevate your photography skills, yet find yourself unsure of the next steps, consider this course your sequinned summoning!

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Flash Ya Flash by FKB - Starts 11th March!

It's time to to stop fearing flash!

Does understanding flash settings fill you with dread? Do you only shoot in natural light because you lack the confidence to introduce flash?

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NEW COURSE: Your Styling Story - Live 1st April 2024

Tired of spending hours trying to capture the perfect styled shot, with no direction in sight? Join the waitlist to receive the early bird offer and more info about Sundari's NEW styling course that promises to shape and mentor you!

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Press Record Filmmaking Course by Leanne Hanna

We understand that visuals speak louder than words, which is why this course is  tailored to help you master the art of filmmaking.


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Start Today

I get asked so many questions about running a creative business so I designed 'Start Today' to help other women rise...

When I started out, there were so many things I didn't know, so I created 'Start Today' to empower others to create their dream life!

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