Edinburgh Feckers!

community edinburgh meetups sisterhood Feb 22, 2023

Trains, pubs, laughs, new friendships and walking boots…

The first of Lens Eleven’s 2023 meetups got off to a flying start in January with a visit even further up north to the beautiful Edinburgh. Yes, L11 has gone (sort of) international!

On 27 January, a group of very overexcited English and Scottish Lens Eleven ladies met up in beautiful Edinburgh for a fantastic couple of days of food, frolics and photography.

The train ride up was an experience that the sole male traveller on our bank of tables will never forget, I’m sure. Despite his ears surely bleeding after half an hour, he sat with us for the duration, subjected to mucho belly laughs and very loud banter.

After a quick cab ride from the station, the Yorkshire (and some of the Irish) contingent of L11 arrived at Rabble Taphouse for a foodie frenzy and to meet up with clubbers and graduates from over the border in bonny Scotland. Cue lots of names-to-faces and faces-to-names excitement, discussed over a few bottles of wine.

With full tummies and rosy cheeks, we then walked around the Old Town district of the city, stopping for plenty of photo ops, and a lesson in why you should always check you have a memory card in your camera ;) After that it was onto the pub and then back to the beautiful Haymarket apartment where some of us were staying for takeaway curry and more chat.

As day two dawned we were treated to a cold but dry start with coffee and pastries, then a walk to Arthur’s Seat for the majority, and a trip on the open top bus for me (happens in every city - I’m obsessed). I loved looking through the photos from the walk – the sun even showed its face around golden hour which has given the pics a beautiful winter sun vibe. After that it was a walk back up the Royal Mile to find a warm, cosy pub where our Mary could indulge in her tenth cup of tea of the day and the rest of us could find something a bit stronger.

After yet another walk (and a running commentary on Jodi’s step count) we went for yet more food at Bonnie & Wild, followed by drinks and a few card games of Phase 10 back at the apartment. Jodi trying to explain how three sets of ten work to the lovely Laura might be forever burned in my brain. Good times!

By the next morning it was everybody up, packed and off to Wetherspoons for a final hurrah brekkie, followed by a packed train heading back to Yorkshire.

As with all things Lens Eleven, it amazed me how quickly such a diverse group of women, all with photography in common, could meet and so quickly develop a brilliant bond. I can honestly say I laughed more than I have for absolutely ages and I can’t wait to do it all over again.

I asked some of our clan for their three words that sum up the Scotland meet – and they did it perfectly. 

“Joyful, connection, friendship, exhilarating, uplifting, energetic, motivational, heart-full, camaraderie, sisterhood, new connections, laughter, fun!”

Until next time…




Imagery by Lou Rob, Jodi Peake, FKB, Faye Hatton and Laura Adams