Introducing Fourteen04__ / Makers of the Betty Bumbag

Nov 17, 2022

When you come across something that helps your photography journey, you just have to jump on it, sing its praises and hope the camera bumbag trend lives forever (because it should!) Mirlah, a member of the Full House, was the first person I knew that fashioned the Betty bumbag by Fourteen04__. As someone who loves a bumbag (I wear one on shoots and on personal jaunts too), I knew their accessibility was right up my street. The one bugbear I had with my standard bumbag was it small and fit hardly anything in. I've even googled 'camera bumbag' in the past and been very disappointed because nothing came up...that's until Amy Whittingham created this amazing brand.

Betty as Amy named her, fits sooooo much in and the best thing - it fits around the body in so many comfortable ways (as both me and Faye modelled in these pictures). It has unique pockets for cards, batteries, lens and even a camera. On a shoot day, this is all you'd need instead of carrying a heavy bag about. I'm a big believer in keeping your kit to a minimum in order to be more footloose and creative. Moving around, ducking, diving and keeping up are no problem for the Betty. I was intrigued to find out more about Amy and her epic creation. Here goes...

Tell us about you Amy?

Well I’m Amy, mum of three ranging from 14 to 4 years old and a wife to one 😂

I talk far too much and I enjoy people. Full stop. 

I love family photography the most!

How did your photography journey start?

I first did a few night courses at central at martins whilst working for an investment banking 15 years ago. That is how I learnt to use a DSLR and that was the start of many years of chasing, tweaking and honing my style.  

What do you love to capture in your personal and professional work?  

This reminds me that I need to photograph my own family more! 

Family photography is my true passion. I adore getting to know people and story telling. 

Portraits are another love!! 

What are your tips for creating the best pictures? 

I always try for natural light, and natural poses, nothing too much or complicated, just fun!! 

At Lens Eleven, we're very impressed with the design and user-ability of your bumbags. There's nothing out there like them. How did the concept for Fourteen04__ come about? 

I run mini sessions each year at a local farm and lugging my backpack was becoming a nightmare!! So I started looking at bumbags but nothing was actually designed for a photographer so I got to work with dreaming up the BETTY!! 

What do you love most about your self-designed life? What lessons have you learnt in business or life? 

The flexibility it’s given me with my kids! I worked for 10 years in an industry that I was never made for.  

It’s never easy - there has been many bumps along the road and massive investments to get the BETTY up and running! But it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon so I’m here cruising!

What's next for you? 

I have two more products in the pipe line, a backpack that will fit the BETTY in and a few smaller products like hard drive and card cases.

We can't wait to see what happens for you and Fourteen04__ next! 

Go check out the Betty - you won't regret it!