Meet Flash Challenge Winner #7 - Becky Wood

Nov 16, 2022

For the last month at The Full House Club, we held a photography challenge that all members took part in. The theme was FLASH and Becky Wood's picture took the podium. Here's her story...

1) Tell us about you Becky...

Since pivoting from desperately wanting to be a vet at 14 years old after a rather hairy work experience on a pig farm, I discovered that I was a bit of creative soul. I since became a graphic designer and I now run a creative studio helping small businesses with their branding and marketing collateral, whilst teaching them how to get the best out of their brand. 

Pic caption: Image of Becky taken by Lauren Drage.

2) What got you into photography?

I’ve always wanted to give photography a go. I had a dusty DSLR in the cupboard and after a year of lockdown, I just wanted to try something new. Then fate sent me towards an instagram post telling me about Laura’s course. I signed up, polished off my kit lens and away I went. The rest is a journey of self discovery and falling head over heels in love with something I never thought I would ever be able to do. 

Pic caption: the moment I arrived.

3) What do you love most about photography and how does it benefit your life? 

Photography is like an adrenaline sport in the beginning. You go to the shoot, you shoot, you wait for feedback and your happy excited internal butterflies fill your stomach when you know you’ve got a corker. I love my clients to be happy but I also like the feeling of having outdone myself creatively. (Although I’m mega competitive so sometimes it gets hairy!) It also forces me to look at things differently. In my day job, I spend a lot of time at a computer in my cave like a little gremlin. Photography forces me outside, with wildlife or with people and gives me the freedom that a laptop just can’t. 

Pic caption: The moment I realised I wanted to shoot joy. 

4) Three words to describe your style...

Still - Discovering - It. Haha but really every shoot I do feels different - I’m experimenting every time I pick up my camera and I love it. If I had to describe it, I love to fill my lens with joy. The joy of the subjects and then my joy (hello wildlife). 

Pic caption: The moment I realised I would one day enter wildlife photographer of the year. 

5) What inspires you in the everyday that you inject into your imagery?

Layers. I look for layers, depth, textures and light - a pretty leaf, a muddy puddle, a lopsided smile and then I challenge myself to try something new - hang out with a new person or crop something differently. You’ll often find me jumping into a bush to get the layers I want in a photo.  

Pic caption: The moment I wanted to take pictures that could be printed. 

6) What tips would you share to get the best pictures?

Go and meet up with other photographers. Go on photowalks! Or drink Prosecco then have fun in a field if that’s more your vibe. Everyone shoots differently, sees light in a different way, climbs into a bush to get the depth they want in a way you don’t expect. It’s fascinating. And it’s the quickest way to learn. Laura has created a community, use it and get the most out of it. I PROMISE no-one will ever be upset to get a DM saying ‘hey, I love your work and I see you’re in my area, do you fancy a coffee and a walk around town to practice taking some pics?’ Lauren and I met in Milton Keynes shopping centre (sexy) and had THE BEST day… 

Pic caption: The moment I realised I wanted to shoot and empower creative female business owners. 
7) In what capacity will photography feature in your future?

I’ve added branding photography as a new service I offer my design clients and as a standalone service. I want to capture, empower and celebrate female business owners and allow them to become confident and visible in their own companies, on their socials and websites. I also want to travel LOADS next year and wildlife is my absolute passion so, alongside working, I will be out capturing the beauty of the world and the residents in it. First on my list is the fairy penguins of Australia this Christmas and I cannot wait!! 

Pic caption: The moment I backed myself and delivered a gallery that made me cry. 

Thank you Becky for being an amazing read with lots of passion and pointers. You can see more of Becky's creative work on her Instagram page here, and be the first to see her Australia picture here.

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